The holidays are a bright spot during the winter, but the season is just getting started as we ring in the New Year! Some climates have mild winters where a light jacket is all that’s required. However, in most places it’s important to keep preventative measure in mind to maintain optimal health through colder temperatures. It’s essential to wear several layers, get plenty of rest and even supplement with herbs and herbal formulas to get through the season while still feeling well.


Many people find that they’re less energized and creatively drained during the winter months. Some of this has to do with a lack of sunlight and therefore, Vitamin D. While making sure you’re getting enough Vitamin D is important, you can also supplement with Ashwagandha. It can help elevate energy levels in the body and promote a healthy response to stressors.


Don’t underestimate the power of a cup of Ginger tea. Ginger has been known to ease congestion while warming the body to help fight germs. This is thanks to its ability to promote circulation of blood flow in the body. If you feel congested in the throat or chest, making a quick pot of ginger tea may be just what you need. Not to mention, it is simply delicious!


During the colder months many people complain of increased joint pain or stiffness. Curcumin is a compound found in Turmeric that is also used in some of our herbal formulas. It promotes increased joint health so you can stay on the move all winter long. Turmeric is easy to incorporate into recipes or take in capsule form. Learn more about our Turmeric 95 herbal supplement!

No matter where you live or how cold it gets, you can always look for natural means to keep yourself feeling well. Stay up-to-date on the latest herbal supplement news from Himalaya Herbal Healthcare by subscribing to our email newsletter at the bottom of this page.