Most universities have welcomed back their students for the new school year and countless high schools are right on their heels. Before the stress of the school year settles in, it's important that you remember to take care of yourself as deadlines begin piling up.

It can be hard for students to prioritize their mental and physical health during the school year, but it's more important than ever to try. After all, stress can make you more susceptible to sick days and lead to poorer academic performance. When you're ready to invest in yourself, rely on these methods to ease stress and set you on a path toward wellness.

Get enough sleep

Did you know the average human needs between seven and nine of sleep each night to perform their best? If you're a teenager or younger, you'll need even more.

Without plenty of healthy sleep, you might notice that you're more lethargic during the day. This can cause you to feel sluggish, unfocused, or worse. REM sleep is vital for memory building and consolidating the information you learn from your classes. If you want to do better in school and feel healthier, don't be afraid to go to bed when you need to.

Drink water as often as you can

Between managing a social life and attending classes, it can be hard to remember to drink enough water. Invest in a reusable water bottle that's easy to tote around so you always remember to stay hydrated.

Eat healthy snacks

It can seem impossible to eat healthy all the time. Honestly, this is far harder than it sounds. Amidst the cups of ramen and chicken tenders, however, it's vital that you have healthy food as well. Bringing healthy snacks with you to class can keep you awake and more energized. Opt for healthy citruses and green foods to boost your immune system.

Make supplements a part of your routine

Establishing a healthy morning routine is vital to your success. But you'll feel even better when you adopt this wellness tip. Taking beneficial supplements each morning or around dinner time is a great way to promote wellness throughout the school year. Whether you're looking for liver supplements or Ashwagandha capsules, or Bacopa for your concentration and memory, Himalaya has everything you need for the perfect morning routine.

Check in on your body once in a while

The school year only gets busier as time goes on. As you throw yourself into classes and clubs, however, it can be tough to identify when your body needs some tender love and care. Check in on yourself and perform a bodily inspection to ensure your health is at a place that's comfortable for you. There's no harm in reaching out for help when you need it.

When you're searching for wellness support, the best thing you can do is rely on Himalaya. We have the supplements you need to establish a great routine, morning or night. Don't hesitate to call us at 800-869-4640 for more information.