Finding the Right Natural Fluoride Free Toothpaste

As if it wasn't already difficult enough trying to get your kids to maintain a healthy routine in the morning, finding the right natural toothpaste for you and your entire family is like the world’s toughest scavenger hunt. With so many options out there how do you know which fluoride free, all natural toothpaste is truly the way to go?

Himalaya Botanique Complete Care Toothpaste

Don't worry. We've taken the stress out of finding a new toothpaste with these 6 new flavors that make the entire family want to brush! What's not to love when all 6 of Himalaya’s new Complete Care Toothpaste flavors are carrageenan free, gluten free, SLS free and fluoride free? There's an option for everyone, Whitening Complete Care Simply Mint, Whitening Complete Care Simply Peppermint, Complete Care Simply Mint, Simply Peppermint, Simply Cinnamon and Simply Spearmint.

Making Your Kids’ Morning Routines Go Smoothly

Now that you've found the right toothpaste, what's next? Oh yes, getting your kids out of the house with fresh smelling breath in a timely manner. Grooming is just another morning chore most children wish they could do away with.

Getting your kids to brush their teeth has never been easier! Take the worries out of your morning routine with these simple steps to a healthy morning routine:

Consistency is key. Make sure even on your busiest days you are consistent with your routine. Time, supplies and location are all key to making a routine last and run smoothly. There should always be a routine to your madness. Wake up, use the restroom, wash hands, brush teeth, change out of pajamas into school clothes, eat breakfast, etc. When there is consistency, children associate order with the routine you determine. As the parent, you place importance on the steps in the routine that matter to you.
Keep the routine fun. Singing songs in the morning, especially with toddlers, help them associate grooming with fun. Start every day with positive reinforcement and words of encouragement to help create a motivational morning routine.
Get the whole family involved. Join in on the routine. Turn your dictatorship into a partnership. When you lead by example, your kids will follow along. Try brushing your teeth with your kids. Wash your face at the same time they do and show them the importance of grooming.
Practice and applaud independence. As parents, we are guilty of wanting to do everything for our children because we don't want them to do it the wrong way or we don't have time to wait. The earlier we start letting our children practice independence, the sooner we can watch them evolve and do things for themselves. Even though your 2 year old can't technically brush their own teeth correctly, that doesn't mean we shouldn't let them try until they get it right! Our kids crave independence and watch their excitement increase when you start letting them do things by themselves. Save yourself the argument and let them brush their own teeth!
Brush with a great tasting toothpaste. All of the Himalaya toothpastes have great tasting flavors and are safe for children. For the kids, let them pick their favorite Complete Care flavor. Make brushing safe, fun, and tasty with our fluoride free toothpastes.
Take your mornings back and relax knowing that you can maintain a healthy routine with a healthy toothpaste!

For more tips on living a healthy, natural lifestyle visit our blog and to browse our selection of all natural fluoride free toothpaste, check out our Botanique Oral Care section.