Our immune system does a remarkable job of protecting our bodies from microorganisms and germs we encounter every day. It’s the integrity of the body’s defense system that keeps people from getting sick. Colder temperatures suppress our immune system, limiting the resources the body has to fight infectious diseases. For our body’s natural defenses to work properly, we must take proper care of our body and fuel it with the necessary nutrients it needs to succeed. Today at Himalaya, we’re going to help you better understand the immune system as we head into the colder months.

What is the Immune System? 

The immune system is a complex network made up of organs, cells and proteins that all work together to protect you from bacteria, diseases and any foreign substances that may harm you. Within this complex system the colon and the liver play big roles in keeping you well. Let’s take a look at these two very important organs and how they help the immune system.

Probiotics Reside in the Colon

The colon is the home to trillions of bacteria you may know by the name of probiotics. Don’t worry; these are the good kind of bacteria! Without them, humans would be especially susceptible to food borne illnesses and deficient in key nutrients. Overall, the immune system would be weaker without these probiotics to deter infections. It’s important to care for your colon because as probiotic bacteria die, other bad organisms are given the opportunity to take hold and cause undesired outcomes that may cause digestive issues and sickness. Taking care of your colon is a great way to make sure your immune system is ready to fight infections.

The Liver and Your Immune System 

As you may know, the liver performs over 500 daily functions and your immune system is part of those functions. This organ knows how to multi-task with the best of them!

The liver contains what’s called Kupffer cells. It’s their job to break down the used red blood cells so that new ones can be used to deliver oxygen to tissues in our body. The liver is also in charge of producing NK cells that remove cells that have outlived their function are no longer useful. It’s these types of activities that happen within the liver that keep the immune system ready to work!

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