Cleanses can be ridiculous. When most people hear the word, “cleanse,” they think of a very strict diet and a glass of green goop that’s supposed to be healthy and clear their body. These extreme cleanses sometimes incorporate juicing and promise to refresh or reset your body. In actuality, these are dubious, overreaching promises at best. At Himalaya Herbal Healthcare, we work by a very different meaning for cleansing.

Natural Colon Cleansing

The colon, or large intestine, is the final part of the digestive system where water is extracted from our waste before the body gets rid of it. Herbs and herbal formulas can help support the colon’s day-to-day functions. Keeping bowel movements regular and free from occasional gas and constipation helps you feel better and frees you of excess waste. There’s no need for a blender or an overnight change to your diet to start helping your colon cleanse.

A More Comfortable Cleanse

Himalaya has developed a new herbal formula to support the overall health of your digestive system called ComfortCleanse. It is comprehensively formulated to address everyday regularity without promoting uncomfortable purging or dependency. While your average laxative might have you visiting the bathroom all day, ComfortCleanse only promotes normal, healthy bowel movements. Helping your colon eliminate waste doesn’t require tons of time or effort, just a simple, daily supplement.

ComfortCleanse uses powerful herbal extracts to support digestive health. This supplement contains ginger and licorice to soothe discomfort as chebulic myrobalan gently wakes the intestines. Then, chicory increases alkaline rich bile production to help maintain bowl function. Many people complain of cramping, bloating and gas when going through a colon cleanse. However, when used as directed, ComfortCleanse uses a balanced, synergistic blend of herbs for dependable results with less discomfort.

How your body digests and disposes of food is important to your body’s everyday functions and wellness. Awaken healthy digestion without the discomfort of all those quick-purging colon cleansers with gentle and sensible ComfortCleanse. Subscribe to our email newsletter at the bottom of this page to learn more about herbal wellness!