Every January, countless people commit to New Years' resolutions with the aim of improving their overall health and wellness. Some begin taking herbal supplements, some aim to work out more, and others challenge themselves to eat right. One growing trend for the health-conscious is Dry January, when people give up alcohol for an entire month to benefit their health. But does cutting out drinking actually improve your health? How can a lack of alcohol promote wellness and why is this trend so popular?

Changing Habits

One of the primary motivators for giving up alcohol is more based on social and mental health than any physical wellness. Alcohol and drinking are incredibly prominent in society -- to the point where many can't imagine a night out while sober. Taking a full month to separate your routine activities and social life from alcohol can help many people reframe how they view their relationship with drinking. Some even choose to give up alcohol long-term, while others make this a temporary challenge for wellness support.

More Energy

Many people have reported increased energy levels associated with cutting out alcohol, even if only temporarily. This can be attributed to many aspects of sober living, from better sleep to sticking to a more stable routine. After all, if you're going out to drink less often, you're more likely to have the energy to wake up early for your morning workout.

General Health Benefits

Finally, cutting out alcohol for Dry January could have a great number of benefits for your overall physical wellness, particularly when it comes to the health of your liver. The liver is the second biggest organ after the skin; reducing the amount of strain it's under can help improve its day-to-day function. This can leave you more energized with a healthier immune system. Some even report weight loss associated with sobriety.

Dry January may not be for everyone, of course. But if you're looking for an extra challenge to get in shape for the new year, try pairing your new herbal supplements and workout routine with a few weeks of sobriety. You might be surprised just how much it can impact your overall wellness.