Bombarded and bewildered? Perplexed, put-off and puzzled by the unending rows of herbal supplements you see every time you hop online or visit your favorite retail store? There are so many herbs out there now. So many formulas. How do you know you made the right decision? Cut through the incalculable clutter and find one that actually works. Today, our herbal experts give you some tips on finding herbal supplements you can trust.

Consult an Expert

Find a local naturopath, MD, herbalist, natural retailer or a nutritionist you can communicate your needs with. They will be able to help you customize a supplement program specifically for you as well as recommend trusted brands. Trained sales consultants at your local natural products store should also be able to help explain labels and ingredients. These are the people who have a wealth of knowledge about the product and have feedback from other customers with similar needs.

Research Online

There are many online resources to help you learn about different products. However, you must be weary of the source and verify the information you find with multiple sources. One of the best ways to learn about the ingredients or formulation of a specific product is by visiting its website. You should be able to find a working customer contact number, detailed ingredient list and even studies backing its efficacy for any reputable herbal supplement company. To see if a product has been the subject of a recall or safety alert, visit

Learn About the Company’s Origin

Any committed supplement company has a story to tell. One of the most important ways to discern the quality of a company’s herbs is to learn about where the ingredients come from and the process they use. There are also other factors you may consider such as the brand’s social and environmental values.

At Himalaya Herbal Healthcare, we are committed to providing customers with the best herbs on the market. For that reason we are completely transparent with where and how our supplements are grown, the seed-to-shelf process and the science behind our herbal supplements and formulas. Learn more about our story today.