Everyone knows drinking water is important; the average adult body is made up of 60-70% water. Even though water provides many natural health benefits, following this advice is easier said than done for some people. Every day we’re offered teas, coffee, soft drinks, juices and more that are simply more tempting options than good, old fashioned water. There are a lot of good reasons to drink water; some are more obvious than others. Hopefully, we can motivate you to start drinking more water more often.

Drinking water…

  1. Increases Productivity

This is the most common benefit of drinking more water. Fatigue, headaches and more are attributed to not drinking enough water. Instead of going back for a second or third cup of coffee when you hit that afternoon slump, grab a cup of water. Or better yet, a whole bottle!

  1. Soothes Joints and Muscles

Did you know 70% of your joint cartilage is made up of water? Most people don’t, but the truth is dehydration can lead to joint stiffness or discomfort. So no matter how much you stretch, you still need to provide your body with enough water to make sure your joints have everything they need.

  1. Improves Digestion

Water is an important liquid for your body’s digestive process. It helps your body more easily breakdown the food you eat and better absorb the nutrients it needs. Supplying your body with enough water also softens stool and helps everything move a bit more smoothly.

  1. Boosts the Metabolism

Have you ever finished a big lunch or dinner, but find yourself wanting a snack sooner than you would expect? Sometimes the brain will misinterpret thirst for hunger. Instead of reaching for the nearest junk food, try drinking some nice, cold water. Chances are your body is craving water, not food.

Supplement the Benefits of Water

Nothing will replace drinking the daily-recommended amount of water for your body every day. But you can supplement your body with an herbal regimen to support your needs to feel well. Need to get your digestive system back on track? Aside from drinking more water, try ComfortCleanse with licorice and ginger to regain regularity and balance. If your joints are giving you trouble, try using Turmeric 95 with Curcumin! Take an active role in promoting wellness within yourself.