It's no secret that the nose is a powerful part of your body. In fact, your nose can detect up to 10,000 different smells. But did you know that different scents can affect your mood and your ability to relax?

According to a study from Brigham Young University, people are often more generous and fair when in clean-smelling environments. Research also suggests that scents like lavender, coffee, orange, and licorice can give those who smell them a greater ability to focus.

How do different scents impact you?

Different fragrances have different effects on everyone. Especially if those aromas have memories attached to the person smelling them. But certain natural fragrances have been known to impact the masses in certain ways:

  • Lavender: The scent of lavender can help to decrease the heart rate, which helps you unwind and relax. Sensory psychologists recommend using lavender to help unwind before bed. It can also be used during work breaks to help you recharge and avoid afternoon slumps. Himalaya USA's lavender and rosemary body balm is a moisturizing cleansing bar you can use during your morning shower to help awaken your senses and relax you.
  • Jasmine: The scent of jasmine increases the brain waves that are associated with sleep. By using jasmine in your bedroom at night or applying jasmine to the inside of your wrist before you go to sleep, you can support a better night's sleep. Just be sure to be careful before using essential oils in aroma diffusers. Many essential oils are harmful to pets when diffused into the air.
  • Eucalyptus: The scent of eucalyptus helps to comfort and soothe the senses. Himalaya USA's Chest Balm PM and Warming Body Balm both contain eucalyptus and are great for cold winter nights because of their relaxing and moisturizing properties.
  • Vanilla: There's a reason why many sensual perfumes typically have a vanilla scent. Vanilla has been known to increase peoples' hunger because it smells like sweets.
  • Turmeric: Turmeric offers a comforting scent. This makes it ideal for relaxing showers. Himalaya USA's Purifying Body Bar supports skin purification and cleanliness with both turmeric and neem.

Body balms are a great way to get the wellness support that different scents have to offer. For more information about body balms, herbal formulas, and herbal supplements for wellness support, contact Himalaya USA today.