functions of the liver

As your body's second biggest organ, the health of your liver is incredibly important. Every day your liver performs a range of essential tasks, including producing proteins and bile, storing vitamins and minerals, and breaking down toxins from alcohol and medications. To help your liver do its most important work, take a look at a few foods you can incorporate into your diet to promote delicious, nutritious liver love.

Coffee and Tea

Studies have been circulating for years, debating whether or not drinking coffee is good for your health. Some people take their love for coffee a little too far and wind up wired and jittery, but when you keep your intake reasonable and regular, studies show coffee not only helps increase levels of the antioxidant glutathione, but can also help support liver function and overall liver wellness.

Drinking tea can also lead to health benefits in the liver. A large study in Japan found that improved liver health was associated with drinking green tea daily. Another study showed that those who drank green tea regularly had fewer liver worries later. Are coffee and tea the magic bullets? It's too soon to tell, but they're certainly liver-supportive!


In addition to taking liver supplements, getting a daily dose of grapes can help support your liver function. Red and purple grapes contain resveratrol, a plant compound with a variety of health benefits. Some studies show that grapes and grape juice support the liver by providing a new source of antioxidants. Another study found that people who enjoyed grape seed extract for three months supported their liver's multitude of functions.


And hey, let's face it, your liver goes nuts over nuts. They're high in fats, they contain nutrients like the antioxidant vitamin E, and they have other beneficial plant compounds. In one six-month observational study, eating nuts supported liver enzyme wellness. It should be noted though; an observational study of men found that eating small or moderate amounts of nuts and seeds was actually more useful than eating large don't go overboard.

Further studies may be needed to determine the effect of nuts on overall liver health, but combining them with liver supplements may be a great (and tasty!) way to keep your liver happy.

If you're looking to improve your liver health, start with what's on your plate. And as you construct your own liver-friendly diet, consider adding supportive liver supplements and other organic foods and drinks to ensure your body has all of the positive nutrition it needs to keep going strong.