functions of the liver

When you think about the most important parts of your body, you probably think of external features like your skin or eyes or your heart and lungs that you can feel working. However, the liver is the secret VIP of the human body.

Not only is the liver the heaviest organ in your body and one of the largest, but it is also responsible for several functions vital in giving you life. Learn about these essential functions and you may start to understand the importance of regularly taking liver supplements.

Aiding In The Digestion Of Fats

The liver produces bile, a thick yellow-green fluid that gives a helping hand in digesting foods, especially fats. Every day, your liver produces between 700 and 1,000 ml of bile.

After your liver produces bile, your gallbladder stores it until your body uses it to aid in the passage between the stomach and the intestines. The next time you eat a juicy steak or other food with natural fats, you can thank your liver for making the bile that helps you digest it.

Processing Nutrients From Foods

As your digestive system breaks down the food you eat into minuscule pieces, it releases important nutrients into your bloodstream. This nutrient-rich blood will then travel to your liver through the hepatic portal system. At this point, it is time for the liver to work its magic.

Depending on your body's needs, your liver will process the nutrients in your blood in different ways. Typically, the liver will store some of the nutrients in a form that your body is able to use for quick energy. Your liver will use the rest of the nutrients to make other important chemicals your body needs. To ensure your liver can manage this nutrient distribution, you need to keep it healthy with nutritional aids like liver supplements.

Building Proteins For Your Body

Proteins are present everywhere in your body, necessitating a constant production of these complex chemicals. Your liver has the important job of producing many of these proteins. For instance, the liver builds the proteins responsible for blood clotting. Without these proteins, your body couldn't effectively clot blood when you get a cut or other injury.

Taking care of your liver is an important aspect of complete wellness support. To learn more about liver supplements and other herbal supplements that can keep your body in optimal condition, contact Himalaya today.