Herbal Supplements for Wellness Support

People are having more and more success supporting their health with plant-based herbal supplements. Valued at over four trillion dollars today, the global wellness industry is booming. Traditional and complementary medicine alone makes up over $360 billion of that figure; an enormous piece of the health market pie.*

The wellness market's continued growth is a significant factor in the health decisions people are making today. And herbal supplements that promote wellness and relief for specific areas of comfort are growing more rapidly than ever. Wellness support supplements like Turmeric and others are being used to promote health and ease movement.

*Source: Global Wellness Institute, 2015-1017 data.

Joint Support

The joints are the couplings of bones and are relied upon to one degree or another for nearly all physical activity. Your continued mobility, flexibility and comfort are always key indicators of good joint wellness, and it's always a wise step to support those goals.

Many supplments are popular and useful, and there are a lot of different herbs you can explore - Boswellia, for example, is tied to joint health - but as a good starting point, Himalaya Turmeric95™ promotes circulation and immune activity around the joints and muscles to regularly support your flexibility and movement.

What Does the 95 Mean?

The 95 in Himalaya's Turmeric95 name means the finished vegetarian capsule presents you with 95% curcuminoids including curcumin, which is linked to supporting cellular health and has a supportive effect on your lysosomal membranes to support normal flexibility. Turmeric with curcumin is also well-known for addressing the type of inflammation caused by overexterion due to strenuous exercise.

Turmeric's Bright History

Vivid yellow Turmeric was called by many names in Ayurvedic history, including "that which gives delight to the heart." Today, researchers increasingly call on this herb to support a variety of long-traditional tie-ins, including the immune system, heart, and GI tract.

However, Turmeric's primary use remains firmly rooted in mobility and flexibility, so if joint comfort is a primary goal as you move through your day, learn more about Turmeric95 and other herbal supplements by shopping Himalaya online, or finding a store near you.