Whenever you eat something, it seems like your taste buds are the first judge. While the flavor of what you just put in your body is your first impression, the essential vitamins and minerals of the product are going to have a bigger impact on your body's overall health. Your digestive system is going to be the star player in this process.

Focusing on your digestive health is one of the most important things you can do for your wellbeing. Certain herbal formulas in organic supplements can boost your gut's health and may even help improve how you feel in your emotional and mental wellbeing. Let's take a look at how the digestive system works and why herbal supplements can help.

The Process Of Digestion

Although your first conscious effort in eating and digestion comes when you chew your food, your salivary glands are your body's first true reaction to the presence of food. The sight and smell of it can trigger glands to release the saliva that will help your body break down the sugars and starches in the food. You then chew the food and pass it through your esophagus as you swallow.

Food then moves to your stomach, where it can stay for up to five hours. During this time, gastric juices break it down into a liquid substance known as chyme. This liquid then moves into the small intestine, which absorbs it and delivers it to the rest of your body through the bloodstream. Any lingering undigested particles go to your large intestine, which either absorbs them or turns them into waste that your body will excrete.

Your gallbladder, pancreas, and liver work in tandem with your stomach and intestines to promote healthy digestion. The liver, for instance, produces between 700 and 1,000 ml of bile every day for the digestive process. Keeping all of these moving parts of the digestive system healthy can be complicated, but that's where herbal formulas can help.

How Can Herbal Supplements Promote Healthy Digestion?

The best way to improve your overall digestion is to find the root of the issue. As there are many steps in digestion, ensuring you're treating the right one is essential. You can then apply certain herbal formulas that tend to have positive effects on the part of digestion you need to focus on.

For instance, nerves can upset digestion and make it hard for your body to break down food. Herbs like Holy Basil are known the calm nerves, which can ease your digestion. If you're having trouble digesting fats, you could try supplements with Capers and Chicory, which include properties that support the liver. You can often find natural ingredients like these in liver supplements that aren't just liver support stars, but can also help digestion.

The digestive system isn't as simple as it may seem. As the food that you eat moves through your body, be sure to think about how your various organs can process it. If you're interested in herbal formulas to help these organs, check out Himalaya's line of supplements today.