5 Simple Steps to Improve Memory

by SRW Analyst on October 07, 2022

5 Simple Steps to Improve Memory

We’ve all heard the importance of keeping your body in shape for physical health. But what about your exercising your mind for cognitive health? From playing Wordle, to mindful journaling, to supplementing stress relief with once daily USDA Certified Organic Ashwagandha, here are 5 simple steps you can take today to help support your memory and cognition in the long run.


Keep Moving

Keep your blood flowing and the brain activity going. Exercising your body regularly increases blood flow to your muscles and your brain which can help keep your mind and memory clear. But this doesn’t mean you have to spend hours performing high-intensity workouts. Try taking a walk on the mindful side for 30 minutes over lunch, sneaking in 10-minute walks throughout the day, or starting an at-home yoga routine to keep your body and mind moving.


Build a Mental Exercise Routine

When it comes to keeping your mind sharp and exercising your cognition, it truly can be all fun and games. Try stimulating your brain with activities like puzzles (both jigsaw and vocabulary - hello Wordle!), learning a new language, dance or instrument, testing your trivia knowledge, or joining in on a card game.


Take a Mindful Moment

In today’s fast-paced society, it’s easy to keep your mind focused on the future and “getting ahead.” Set a reminder to take a moment each day to be cognizant and take in your surroundings, feelings, and experiences. Whether you meditate, journal, or simply concentrate on your breathing, this time of reflection and awareness helps you check in with you, and allows your brain to reset and record.


Stay Social

Introverts, hear us out! Regular social interaction can help stimulate the brain and balance mood and stress, both of which can contribute to memory loss. Try getting together with loved-ones, going to that work happy hour (with your PartySmart capsule for a better morning!), volunteering for a cause you’re passionate about, or taking a class on something you’re interested in.


Realistically Reduce Your Stress Levels

It’s easy to say “remove yourself from stressful situations”. But when aspects of your everyday come into play like balancing work, a breaking world news alert, an unexpected maintenance bill, and simply getting from point A to point B, some things just can’t be avoided. Chronic stress doesn’t just impact your day-to-day, it can impact the way we create and recall memories. It’s also a key factor in memory loss.
Relieving some of this stress can be as simple as adding one caplet a day to your routine. Himalaya’s Ashwagandha once daily USDA Certified Organic Ashwagandha supplements are a mindful moment of uncomplicated calm that works with and supports your body’s natural response to the effects of stress. So you can find the tranquility and energy you need live simply every single day.


Find the Right Support For Your Mental and Physical Well-Being

Living your best life starts with ingredients that help you function and feel like your best self. At Himalaya, we’ve harvested the powers of modern science and ancient Ayurvedic wisdom to source the best ingredients and craft the best daily wellness solutions the earth has to offer. Explore our lineup of herbal and botanical wellness products to fit your best life today. You’re not alone! We are here for you. All of our solutions are backed by a 60-day guarantee. Give us a call at 800-869-4640 or email us at writetous@himalayausa.com with any questions you may have.


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