Herbs Good for Your Hair

by Jaganathan Vasudevan on August 12, 2020  in Health

Herbs That Are Good for Your Hair

Caring for your body and your scalp is an important part of hair health. A healthy body and moisturized scalp will help to produce hair that is soft and full. However, many people don't provide the proper care for their hair and many don't even realize it. An average person has around 100,000 strands of hair, but if your hair and scalp are in poor health, it's likely that you have less.

There are ways to care for your scalp and hair that are simple and straight-forward. For example, you can take an herbal supplement that promotes hair and skin health. There are many different supplements that offer benefits to your hair; it's just a matter of finding the one that is right for you.

1. Ashwagandha
Ashwagandha is a small shrub that is said to have many health benefits. One of those benefits is the potential to assist in the production of natural skin oils and boost scalp circulation. It's worth trying a variety of products to find which ones can help you achieve a healthier scalp. And when you have a healthier scalp, odds are, you'll have healthier looking hair. You can even buy products that are Organic Ashwagandha supplements from Himalaya if you want to be sure that you aren't adding any undesirable elements to your body.

2. Rosemary
Rosemary is believed to have multiple benefits for the scalp. Improved circulation and more moisture are two of those supposed benefits. However, it's a good choice for someone dealing with dandruff. That's why it often serves as an additive along with olive oil for application to the scalp directly.

3. Burdock
Burdock comes in handy when you're dealing with hair loss and want to try to stimulate new hair growth. Because it has multiple fatty acids and phytosterol compounds, these are thought to stimulate growth and give you fuller hair with repeated use.

4. Aloe Vera
Aloe vera is a bit of a wonder supplement, especially when it comes to the skin. It's great for moisturizing and restoring the pH balance of your scalp (along with any pesky sunburns you might get this summer). It can help improve hair loss in some people and is thought to be gentle on your skin.

5. Lavender
Lavender is a plant that has a variety of benefits. It can soothe and heal your scalp in order to promote hair growth and volume in some cases.

Whether you choose ashwagandha or another supplement, there are multiple ways that you can use organic supplements to help your hair. Some come in oils that you massage into your scalp while others come in creams that you can use in the shower. Some even come in the form of an herbal tablet that you take each day. It's up to you to decide which form works best for you and your daily routine. If you're not the best at remembering to take pills but you shower every morning, a shower cream might be better for you than a tablet. Both can be very effective if used properly.

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