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The Organic Tool to Support Your 2023 Daily Routines

by SRW Analyst on February 08, 2023

The Organic Tool to Support Your 2023 Daily Routines

You may be asking “how can an herb help my new year’s health and wellness goals?” or “does this stuff really work?” Thanks to the health circles of TikTok and discoveries in modern holistic health research, Ashwagandha supplements are currently trending. But Ashwagandha is no trend, in fact this balancing adaptogen has been trusted to support stress, energy, and so much more for centuries.

Here are just some of the clinically studied ways incorporating one USDA Organic Ashwagandha caplet each day can help support your wellness in 2023.


But first, what is Ashwagandha anyway?

Ashwagandha or Withania somnifera is known as the “body balancer” and is one of the most important herbs in Ayurveda. It’s part of that group of herbs known as ‘adaptogens’ - keyword here being “adapt”.

We all know how stress can take on so many forms in our bodies, both physically and mentally. Adaptogens have supportive properties that can counteract and support your body’s natural response to stress. They help us find balance by adjusting and adapting to your unique body, mood, and need.

Because of this, Ashwagandha is used for supporting many systems of the body, including: the reproductive system, nervous system, immune system, and endocrine system.

Here’s a glimpse of what that daily support could look like for you.


Manage Daily Stress

You don’t have to take on everyday challenges alone. From small annoyances to life events, Ashwagandha’s properties work to support stress relief by helping your body regulate and adapt its response so you can approach each day with balance.


Say Goodbye Jitters, Hello Long-Lasting Energy

While Ashwagandha works to balance stress levels, it simultaneously works to restore energy levels and fight fatigue. So you can say goodbye to the afternoon caffeine crash and overstimulation, and hello to sustained calm and energy.


Sharpen Your Mental Clarity

Stress can impact the way we create, store, and recall information. One of Ashwagandha’s most popular uses is to support brain and mental function, memory, and cognition. So you can have the calm clarity to live simply each and every day.


Catch your ZZZ’s

Okay, so you’re telling me this herb can help wake me up AND help me sleep? Yes! The same grounding properties that help your productivity and mental fry during the day can help you achieve that mood balance and mental calm for deeper levels of relaxation at night.


Get Moving

Have a workout goal this new year? Ashwagandha can be helpful in improving muscle endurance, athletic performance and strength while helping the body react and recover.

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