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Do I need to schedule my daily supplements?

by SRW Analyst on March 08, 2023

Do I need to schedule my daily supplements?

You’ve done the research. You’ve found the right herbal supplements, sourced with quality ingredients to work for you and your daily needs. Now, how can you make sure these supplements do their best work?

First things first, congrats! Taking herbal supplements is the first step toward harnessing the properties of plants for your wellbeing. Herbs are incredibly easy to implement into a routine, but each one offers its own unique specialty of support. Before you take all at once, there are some factors to consider to ensure your body absorbs the most out of them.  

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Time of Day

Each herb has properties to support your body in a different ways. So the best time to take depends on what you’re looking to get out of it.

For instance, if you’re looking for plant-based energy support from herbs like Ashwagandha, Alma, Haritaki, and Licorice in our ​​Hello Energy blend, you’ll want to take these at the start of your day.

On the other side (of the pillow), if you’re hoping for rest and relaxation from herbs like Ashwagandha combined with Holy Basil , GABA and Chamomile in our Ashwagandha+ Relax, or dreaming of the sleep support of Hello ZZZ’s, you’ll want to take around bedtime.


Time to Eat

In addition to timing, it’s also worth considering whether your herbs absorb best when taken with or without food. For instance, Ashwagandha daily stress support can be taken at any time, but is best taken before meals. There is no one rule that applies to all supplements, that’s why reading the label for direction on whether you should take before, with, or between meals or activities is so important.


Time to Work

Like staying active, eating well, and caring for your mind, there are some daily habits and supplements you’ll want to consider part of your regular routine, like Himalaya Turmeric 95  for daily joint and circulation support.

However, some are meant to be taken on a more short-term or occasional basis, like PartySmart  for a better morning, where you take one herbal capsule while drinking to help your body process alcohol.

Herbal blends are crafted to adapt, support and work with your body and its daily needs. Because of this, our bodies sometimes need more time to work with them in return. It may take some time to develop and experience the full benefits,


Quality Time

While how you take supplements is important, it’s essential to talk about what you are putting in your body. Check labels for any unnecessary ingredients, fillers or GMOs. Himalaya offers a holistic lineup of carefully crafted Ayurvedic blends that are backed by modern science. So you can take comfort know you’re taking blends from highest-quality sourced plants that are not bioengineered, are free from synthetic additives, artificial fillers, binders, and excipients.

All of our solutions are backed by a 60-day guarantee. Give us a call at 800-869-4640 or email us at writetous@himalayausa.com with any questions you may have.


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